The Crypto Summit 26-29.05.2019

The Crypto Summit 26-29.05.2019

It was a pleasure to hold a speech about E-Money and Stablecoins under European Legislation with a particular focus on Liechtenstein Law at the 2nd CryptoSummit in Mallorca. Listening to the great speeches of the director of Aeternity Anstalt, Marion Vogel, Investment Punk Gerald Hörhan, “CryptoRobby” and others while getting to know more about Aeternity BlockchainRaceCoin0bsnetwork, etc was very informative and an overall great experience.

There may have been hard times for crypto-related start-ups in the Crypto Winter with regard to ICOs and STOs. But with new trends like IEOs and technological developments in the scene we can feel the Blockchain Summer advancing fast as there are lots of solutions being developed by start-ups and larger enterprises alike.

Harold F. Rich definitely provided for the coolest name at the event and revealed his Blockchain Marketing and Trust Building Secrets. Pablo Coirolo from Aeternity Americas, Achim Illner, Stephan Wetzmüller and Maryna Petrichenko guaranteed for a heated and interesting panel discussion – which I had the honor of moderating – on the past, present and future outlook of the crypto and blockchain ecosphere.

Matthias Langer– you were sorely missed!

For more pictures, see here.

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