Juristen§Treffen / Lawyers Meetup in Liechtenstein

The Juristen§Treffen in Liechtenstein or Meetup for Lawyers in Liechtenstein is dedicated to furthering networking as well as philanthropic thinking in the legal and economic community of Liechtenstein.

The meetup is open for everyone – anyone who is interested may join!

The Juristen§Treffen offers a platform in Liechtenstein where legal, economic and other professionals and academics from Liechtenstein and the surrounding areas may connect and foster new ideas.

The meetup takes place regularly throughout the year in different venues in Liechtenstein. Organization has been taken over by Josef Bergt and his colleagues in 2017. From time to time the meetup serves as a panel for professional presentations concerning topics of legal and related sciences particularly relevant to Liechtenstein.

Stay up to date on events by reading our blog. If you want to get informed about the meetup, do not hesitate to contact me in order to subscribe to the mailing list.